Product Photography

Product photography is a made-to-measure service therefore I cannot give a price quote without knowing the scale and expectations of a project. Some clients want to have a spotless high-resolution image to cover a large object or building, while others just need the clearest image of their product for the best price. You can probably imagine that expectations are also different for a 20 Euro items vs a 500.000 Euro item. Feel free to get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

Some 15 years ago my passion for watches and the interest in photography turned out to be a golden combination. I Spent evening after evening figuring out the effect of various settings. Learning how to control light by trying continuous and flash lighting endlessly. Doing so unexpectedly turned into my first photography assignment.

From that moment on things slowly progressed and it wasn’t long until I registered as a freelance photographer. Being an autodidact on many occasions I learned a new profession by doing what I love. Hence my saying about following your heart and the great things it can bring you. Besides product photography I’ve captured numerous events and done did many corporate photography jobs.

Do the things you love in the best way possible and magic can happen.

I strongly believe in this and it has brought change in my life on multiple occasions. And all those evenings of practice on a small scale paid off with valuable knowledge that easily translates into larger projects. In the end photography is about light and how you use it. Saying that, I’ve had the privilege to work for prestigious clients in the luxury industry but never forgot where I came from.

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