My photographic Journey

With an interest in watches for many years, back in 2008 I got sucked into the horological world. Powered by my growing interest to learn more I found myself on the same forums over and over again. Without knowing it at the time, it also started my photographic journey. After posting my first and terrible blurry photo I made the remark ‘will look into quality photography’ and so I did.

Being an enthusiastic hobby photographer at that time, I started experimenting endlessly over the following years. Experimenting with continuous and flash light, how to control it and bringing props into the scene to build an image. Always critically looking at the results and looking for improvement where possible. Within the following years I created multiple watch calendars that sold globally, had my images published in several magazines online and in print, did my first commercial assignment in 2010 and could proudly show my first magazine cover shot.

You never know what tomorrow brings

Since 2012 I’m officially registered as a professional freelance photographer after a 15 year career in real-estate. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to work for many interesting clients nationally and abroad. From small start-ups to renowned brands in the luxury industry. One day I’m wearing a work suit in the petrochemical industry, the next taking off in a private jet. You just never know what tomorrow brings. 

Tubray Media is the one stop address for your visuals. With over one decade of experience I can help you by creating photos and/or video to promote your product or business in the best way possible. Wether you need a quick set of pack shots, event images or want to elaborate on a special project in close detail.

Let's Create Something Together

Many ask me ‘how much’ images cost but photography is a made to measure product. Corporate and event photography is usually charged at an hourly or (half) day rate. Product images are something completely different. Some clients sell products worth 20 Euro, others easily surpass 500.000 Euro. You can imagine that those clients have different expectations. The images come at a different price tag for the amount of work that goes into it.

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    Some of the clients I've worked for over the years.